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Everything in life hinges on balance. Health is one of those BIG things. We all know the saying, “It doesn’t matter what you have if you don’t have your health.” Inevitably, health challenges are a part of life. Pain, injury, stress, gut or hormonal issues may be depleting you- making you feel worn down, anxious, and longing for the ability to enjoy your life’s activities. We welcome you to our site as we know that you are searching for something more. Perhaps your health challenge is not responding to pharmaceutical or surgical intervention, or perhaps you are strictly focusing on natural options to address your condition. Either way, we might be that something more that you are looking for. Since 1997, Drs. John and Kelly Pepper have had the honor and privilege of providing and serving people with natural, holistic healthcare. Our team finds it essential to search for the underlying cause of your health challenge rather than just providing a band-aid to cover up your symptoms. Our customized care plans provide you with what you need to promote and restore optimal health, balance and well-being. Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture are just a few of the services we offer in Sebring Florida.


It’s our goal at Pepper Natural Health & Wellness to “Add More Life To Your Years—Naturally.”

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Tech Neck: A Modern Day Pain in the Neck

The majority of people now use some type of hi-tech mobile device such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. You have seen the pose—head down, shoulders and back hunched forward, as fingers work away at texting, being on social media or simply playing games. Your head...
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Anti-Aging and Weight Loss With A Ketogenic Diet

Is it possible to slow down or roll back your aging clock by what you are eating? Most people would agree that what you eat can have a significant impact on your health and aging. But what foods should you focus on to help you tap into the proverbial fountain of...
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Natural Strategies To Support Thyroid Health

Your thyroid gland is one of the largest glands of the endocrine system and the hormones it releases affect virtually every cell in your body. The thyroid has been likened to a thermostat that affects how fast or slow processes happen in your body. The thyroid also...
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Six Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of PMS

PMS is so common among women of child-bearing age that many of these women think this is normal and just a part of life. It is estimated that seventy to ninety percent of women in this age group suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Symptoms may range from mood...
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How Does Acupuncture Work and What Is It Helpful For?

Over 2,500 Years In The Making Acupuncture is a healing technique that has been used for over 2,500 years originating in China and the Far East. All styles of acupuncture trace their roots back to the first known book of Chinese Medicine, The Yellow Emperor's Classic...
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Danger–Painkillers That Kill

These Have Caused Three Times As Many Deaths Than 20 Years of the Vietnam War-- Just In the Last 15 Years Over the last 15 years we have seen a dramatic increase in opioid-related drug abuse and overdose-related deaths. Americans, constituting only 4.6% of the world’s...
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7 Natural Strategies To Resolve Insomnia

One of the most common health problems in our society is insomnia, which includes the inability to get sufficient restful sleep, difficulty getting to sleep and difficulty staying asleep. Recent estimates reveal that at least 60 percent of Americans suffer from...
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84 yr-old Chiropractor Uses Technique to Adjust One Bone to Lower Blood Pressure

Truly, this headline seems incredulous. How could the movement of one bone in a hypertensive cause blood pressure to lower? Well, maybe a little connecting of the dots may help to clarify the issue. Picture this- starting from your lower back and up to your brain, a...
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Leaving This Off Your Plate Can Double Your Risk Of An Early Death

There is no doubt about it that most people would agree that your health, or lack thereof, has a lot to do with your diet. For many years, the U.S. Government promoted the Food Pyramid as a guide for healthy eating. Statistics can easily prove that the United States...
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Cognitive Decline: Is Your Brain Aging Faster Than Your Body?

It is inevitable that with each decade of life, we become more and more susceptible to deterioration and an actual shrinkage throughout parts of our brain. As this process unfolds, it brings with it a decrease in brain function often referred to as cognitive decline....
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