Chiropractic adjustments influence the same blood chemistry known to prevent the progression of aging. One of the many unique and profound benefits that accompany an adjustment involves slowing the stress and aging process. Most chiropractic patients begin care because of back or neck problem. Yet the benefits of adjustments extend well beyond pain relief. Anti-aging serves as an evidence-based benefit of chiropractic because of its influence on blood chemistry.

Almost $300 million is spent each year on antiaging products and solutions. That amount represents over a 300% increase from just ten years ago. Many naturally oriented healthcare solutions targeted their products and services towards anti-aging because of a growing interest by consumers. Many of these consumers spend massive amounts of money on products geared toward an outcome that occurs naturally from regular chiropractic adjustments.

A study from 2005 proved that a component in the blood called thiols dictates the speed and type of aging a person will go through. Decreased thiol levels in the blood quicken aging and increase the risk of encountering disease goes up. Increased blood thiol levels reduce the risk of active disease and rapid aging. These findings continue to help shape the future of healthcare.

Combining effects of aging with the presence of disease dramatically increases the burden of physical and financial costs for both individuals and their families. A landmark study completed in 2005 proved that chiropractic adjustments increase serum thiol levels. Thiol levels reduce the effects of aging on all parts of the body. Minimizing the effects of aging positively impacts individuals and families and serves as one of the many valuable outcomes of proactive health care using chiropractic. Chiropractors have been working diligently over the past 125 years to educate the public on the full scope of benefits that go hand in hand with nervous system care through chiropractic adjustments.

Treating people with pills, potions, lotions, or surgery will never be as effective at improving healthcare and minimizing aging and disease as simply caring for the structure of the body. Non-invasive solutions like chiropractic care combine with lifestyle choices that include proper sleep, exercise, good nutrition and meditation are proven to reduce stress loads and decrease the aging process. Improving spinal alignment and movement also represents an evidence-based approach to halting the aging process by reducing stress in the central nervous system. All families need to understand and access regular chiropractic care to experience benefits that positively impact health, function, performance, and the pursuit of feeling vibrant and young!

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