People continue to spend record-setting amounts of time in seated positions on technological
devices. People spend unprecedented amounts of time on desktops, laptops, tablets and
phones. Tech usage while positioned in lounge chairs, sofas, and living rooms paints a
picture of the norm. The increased device usage creates added stress on postural and spinal
health and leads to dangerous long-term outcomes.

The average postural position during smartphone usage consists of slumped shoulders and forty-five
degrees of downward neck flexion. This position adds over forty pounds of stress and pressure on
the spine and neck. Imagine a 40-pound weight resting on the back of the head and the strain
being absorbed by small, delicate vertebrae and discs.

The additional stress on the spine and posture leads to a greater risk of postural health
abnormalities. Researchers determined that seated posture massively impacts overall health
and function. Sitting posture consists of hunched shoulders, forward head position, a
rounded mid-back, and a forward-tilting pelvis. Poor posture causes more long-term damage
than back aches.

Spine and postural health influence many aspects of overall well-being. Research reveals a
crucial relationship between posture and heart and lung function.
A ground-breaking study
published in 2004 proved a relational connection between bad posture, atherosclerosis, and
pulmonary disease. The study found a 44% higher risk of death in people categorized as the
poorest level of posture. Most medical doctors remain unaware of this data and the
significant role posture plays in the health and well-being of all ages of people.

Chiropractors passionately pursue educating the community to better understand the
influence of regular Chiropractic adjustments on whole-body health. The issue of sedentary
positioning mixed with poor posture began permeating school and work culture years ago
yet takes on new emphasis during times when more people work and stay at home using
technological devices. Chiropractors help infants, children, and parents achieve optimal
health and function through better spinal and postural health. Science continues to build
evidence-based research which proves healthy posture directly impacts healthy function.

Chiropractors focus on helping the public better understand the need to intentionally pursue
ideal spinal hygiene and care. Adults and children alike benefit from a maximized defense
against health-threatening posture problems. The entire family unlocks improved capacity
for optimal performance and function by getting adjusted regularly to combat the ill effects
of poor posture and extended technology use. People currently spend more time at home,
but no limitations exist in the pursuit of elite health care.

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