Image your body with cutting-edge Ultra High Definition Infrared Imaging providing the earliest look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem–INFLAMMATION.
Inflammation is the earliest indicator of potential health challenges in the body.  Long before a disease process manifests, thermal cameras can detect it and alert you to an underlying problem.
Thermography can show the following:
  • Carotid artery inflammation, lymphatic congestion

thermography carotid

  • Back and neck pain, arthritis, disc problems

thermography back pain

  • Breast imaging for lymphatic congestion, hormone imbalance, early screening

thermography breast

  • Digestive screening for liver, gall bladder, stomach, bowels, spleen and pancreas

thermography abdominal

  • Neuropathy, blood sugar issues, varicose veins and foot problems

Central Florida Medical Thermography will be performing this service at our office certain days of each month.  Spaces are limited, so call our office today to reserve your space, (863) 386-4325.