Seeing children thrive and reach great heights serves as a constant motivating factor for parents. Few things in life contribute to a child’s happiness and opportunities more than simply being healthy. More and more parents realize and understand the major contribution which comes from Chiropractic care for their babies and children. A study recently evaluated reports from mothers regarding the effectiveness of Chiropractic care with their infant children and revealed remarkable feedback.

Children currently face some of the most significant health challenges in history. Projections determine that the current generation of children will be the first in history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Many factors contribute to this assessment and lead health professionals to explore new approaches to alter that outcome. Chiropractic addresses the underlying cause of specific functional problems related to the spine and gives parents hope that a better approach to health care may be the answer.

Chiropractic Goes Beyond Neck and Back Pain

Research published in 2019 evaluated thousands of children who had received Chiropractic adjustments. Statistically significant improvements were reported across all aspects of infant behavior including positive responses to feeding problems, sleep issues, excessive crying, problems with sleep positions, infant pain, and restricted range of motion in the neck. A residual outcome showed significantly improved maternal ratings in categories of depression, anxiety, and satisfaction with motherhood. It showed 95% of mothers also reported feeling the care was cost-effective, and 90.9% rated their satisfaction at eight or higher on an eleven-point scale. No mothers reported any adverse side effects with the use of Chiropractic care.

Research continues to show both the value of Chiropractic care and the effectiveness of nervous system care on issues outside the solitary goal of pain relief for infants and children. The spine maintains an intimate connection with the brain and nervous system through proper alignment and healthy movement. Chiropractic care seeks to maximize nervous system function by improving the alignment and mobility of the spine. More parents than ever desire natural solutions to health challenges and wellness care for their children. Understanding the innate power within the body empowers parents to create a better pathway to the ultimate goal of health and happiness for their children. Chiropractic care provides a positive, proactive pathway to longevity and optimal health for infants and children. A healthier future aligns with Chiropractic.

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