Many experienced physicians engage with surprising evidence that confirms the cause of most headaches connects to alignment concerns in the neck. The science puts emphasis on the relationship between the neck, vertebrae and the central nervous system. Movement and alignment of spinal bones in the neck prove to be critical for the health of the brain and circulation of spinal fluid and blood.

Ground-breaking research revolutionized the way headaches are viewed. A Russian-born and world-renowned researcher named Dr. Nikoli Bogduk found that all headaches traced to similar structural concerns. Dr. Bogduk noted that every single headache sufferer shared an important commonality: abnormal spine and nerve function linking to the upper neck. Dr. Bogduk compiled years of research into numerous studies proving the connection.
Most of the medical community remains unaware or resistant to this information. The standard of care for headache sufferers in those communities utilizes drug therapy that focuses on alleviating symptoms.

Dr. Bogduk’s research emphasizes the importance of spinal health for headache sufferers and helps explain the
connection between chiropractic and headache relief. Millions of headache sufferers experience relief and oftentimes permanent correction for their headaches through chiropractic adjustments. This information opens a doorway to a new tomorrow for millions of children and adults continuing to suffer with a hopeless belief that their only relief exists in the form of dangerous drugs that never fix the source of the problem.

Many different types of headaches make life miserable for too many people. Scientific research explains how
chiropractic influences all headache types because of the relationship between the neck vertebra, the brain, and blood health. The four most common headaches are:

  1. Tension-type headaches represent the most common variety of headaches. Tension headaches mostly appear as a tight band of pain around the head combined with a dull ache or pressure. Common triggers include stress, neck strain, hunger, depression, anxiety, or lack of sleep.
  2. Migraine headaches comprise one of the most debilitating conditions faced by millions of people. Migraines occur most commonly in women and manifest as an intense pulsing from deep within the head. Migraines significantly limit the ability to carry out daily routines. Sufferers experience sensitivity to light and sound and also experience nausea and vomiting.
  3. Cluster headaches characterize as severe burning and piercing pain. They occur around or behind one eye or on one side of the face at a time. Most sufferers experience one to four of these headaches a day, usually around the same time.
  4. Sinus and allergy headaches form a commonly experienced fourth category. These headaches occur as a result of an allergic reaction and the pain occurs in the sinus and forehead areas.

Chiropractic provides drugless relief to all forms of headaches by improving the connection between the spine and central nervous system. Benefits of proactive spinal care include reduction and elimination of headaches as
chiropractors address healing the source of the concern. All headache sufferers deserve to know about the benefits and scientific relationship between chiropractic adjustments and headache relief.

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