The debilitating effects of back pain torments millions of people worldwide. Approximately 700 million people suffer from back pain. Studies estimate that nearly 85% of the population will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. Researchers warn that those experiencing low back pain experience a 13% increased risk of early death. Proactively eliminating the source of the low back pain before facing a permanent problem represents one of the most important health pursuits any individual can make.

Low back pain often falls into the category of being a nagging inconvenience that comes and goes. A 2017 medical study speaks to low back pain being symptomatic of something much more threatening. The research determined
that subjects enduring back pain experienced an astonishing 13% higher risk of dying early compared to those who had no pain.

“This is a significant finding as many people think that back pain is not life threatening,”said Paulo Ferreira, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and contributor to the research.

The quantity of people exposed to the devastating effects of low back pain has become the most concerning aspect of this research. Statistics show that five out of every six people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. People benefit from understanding that the reality of these episodes involves consequences beyond simply relieving the temporary pain. Pursuing proactive prevention and treatment of lower back pain proves paramount for long-term health.

Chiropractors help men, women, and children of all ages reduce and eliminate back pain. Research confirms
that the benefits of chiropractic adjustments extend far beyond pain relief. Some links between low back pain
and increased risk of early death can be explained with neuroscience. Subluxations, defined as small subtle
shifts and altered movement in spinal vertebrae, interfere with the nervous system. Left undetected and
uncorrected, a subluxation negatively influences the vital autonomic functions of the body.

Chiropractors specialize in the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations. Proactive health care does
not simply focus on alleviating or preventing back pain. Nervous system care pursues maximized performance
and function of the entire body. Optimal health means avoiding pain, suffering, and other challenges that
otherwise manifest into significant issues later in life.

Back pain will continue to pose major problems for average citizens and the healthcare system. Chiropractors
possess a proven track record of helping men and women of all ages overcome and prevent the onset of back
pain without the use of drugs or surgery. Research continues to compile indisputable evidence that chiropractic care combats the devastating effects of pain. Proactive health care begins with chiropractic.

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