Drs. John and Kelly Pepper, Chiropractic Physicians

Drs. John and Kelly Pepper, Chiropractic Physicians

Our story begins in 1994 in the suburbs of Chicago- 2 young dreamers at the National College of Chiropractic, poised at the formal starting line of a lifetime of healthy learning. Wanting to be a Pepper too, Dr. Kelly fell occiput over sacrum for Dr. John, a wedding in Ohio followed, and the two settled in Dr. John’s hometown of Sebring, Florida to get “back” to the basics of health and wellness. That was 1997. Since then, we’ve kept each other well adjusted, as six kids later we are still standing- and filming, and writing and speaking. In fact, our family growth has mirrored our professional growth. Our own personal health challenges have inspired us to search out the most effective, natural, safe solutions to support the body’s innate healing ability- and now we want to share them with you.

As natural health care providers, natural health and wellness is more than just a certificate on the wall. It is a dynamic truth searching journey that goes beyond an occupation. This has become a way of life for not only us, but our family.

Even though our bodies are complex miracles, we have learned to keep our approach simple. Our bodies thrive on the balance of six basics. What we eat, drink, breathe, think and how we exercise and rest.

As Pepper’s, we like the eating part. You can get a sneak peak into our kitchen on the drjohnpepper channel on YouTube and watch our family whip up some healthy snacks and dinners on “Peppers in the Kitchen”. While you are there, feel free to watch one of Dr. John’s mini-health talks on balancing the basics.

Dr. John loves to speak to schools and community organizations to promote personal health and well-being.  Drop Dr. John a comment or question for his monthly “Ask Dr. Pepper” column for Highlands Today and watch for articles by Dr. Kelly on the web-based journal Natural News.

Our personal and professional philosophies are one in the same. Thus said, we care for our patients at the same level as we do our own family and only make those recommendations to each individual as we would each of our family